Client Testimonials

The R3 Data Recovery team is owned and operated by R3 Data Recovery Ltd. The R3 Team have an enviable reputation for successful recovery of data from all types of failed storage in emergency situations and have helped many who have already been to other data recovery professionals without success.

We work very hard to ensure that each and every one of our customers receives the best level of service possible and success rates. If you would like to send feedback on your experience with us then please contact us.

The following is a selection of real testimonials from R3 Data Recovery Ltd customers who have done just that:



Impressive service

Partway through recovering from a data disk crash, the system disk – RAID1 – failed. R3 called me back very quickly to give me what turned out to be a pretty accurate quote. From picking up the server to returning it with a temporary usable system disk (no data loss) took around 20 hours – would have been less but for very bad traffic. I was kept informed on progress at all times, everything was clearly labelled where necessary and I was able to configure a new RAID1 with new disks and complete the original data recovery with no further problems.

Mogranch, Barnet



Data Lost

After our server crashed we were basically dead in the water. Fortunately I ended up on the phone to Andy at R3, who offered us a complete data recovery and reinstall of all software for only about 20% more than the quotes for data recovery alone. A week later we were back online and our precious files recovered.

Thomsonprint, Edinburgh



Prompt and Good Value Service

We had a failed Seagate Expansion 500GB. Tried self repair and recovery, but no results. Couldn’t see anyway to recover the data. As we work in a school, we were very eager to get the data back somehow. After a quick google search, I found “R3 Data Recovery” who offered the exact services we needed and they were nearby to us. I contacted them via email, and they were very helpful from the start. They offered to pickup the failed drive free of charge and take a look at it before giving us a final quote. The data was fully retrieved in no time and at a very reasonable price (which included the data recovery work and a brand new hard drive). Very impressed with the prompt and courteous service.

Maelor Technicia, Wrexham



Excellent Recovery Service

Let’s get this out of the way first: Data recovery is an expensive business. Once you get over that, you can appreciate that the service from R3 is excellent. My friend had a drive that died and a recovery was attempted by another company who totally failed to recover any data and returned the drive in a worse state than it was originally. I offered to help and reached out to R3 who answered all of my pre-work questions, picked up the drive and carried out the work. I was sent a list of all the files and their state – whether they were recoverable or not. I went ahead with the recovery and the data was recovered exactly as specified in the list. My friend has the majority of his data back and R3 are definitely a much more reputable company that the previous ones that attempted the recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to someone else who has made the fatal error of not making their own backups of their data.

doone128, Walsall



Data Recovery Best Price and Unbelievable Tuurnaround

My business had a total failure of our server drive on the morning of 29th December, all our critical data was at first believed to be lost. Having rang around many suppliers offering data recovery the majority were either closed for the holidays or wanting £3-4K to complete the work. Having contacted Andy he offered a 24 hour service at an extremely lower cost than expected. True to his word we delivered the drive at 3pm and by 6pm the following day I was collecting and leaving with a brand new drive with over 80gb of recovered data, we only lost 47 files which was an amazing result. I cannot thank Andy and his team enough especially as they were supposed to be on shutdown. Whilst it may seem a lot of money it would have taken my office team 2 months to recover from the loss of data costing me £1,000’s. Thank you R3.

Jas_lh27, Peterborough



Professional, conscientious service

A failure hours before a deadline caused me to lose a drive and could have jeopardised my entire media project. I was very apprehensive about letting it leave my hands as I had read about common bad experiences of data recovery companies while looking for someone who could deal with my problem. R3 Data Recovery sent a courier to my office to collect the drive within a couple of hours, taking it back to the lab to establish the problem. Over the following week Andy and team kept me constantly updated by text and phone, working with me to recover the critical missing files to allow me to complete my project. They were patient and helpful in explaining the technical challenges behind this particular recovery, which helped me understand and feel reassured in the process. Their perseverance resulted in their recovery of all of the important files I didn’t have backed up – and in me being able to complete my production without having to re-shoot anything. The cost of doing so was absolutely worthwhile and negligible considering what I would have lost. I would have no hesitation about recommending R3’s service. Alex M Moser Associates

Alex M, Moser Associates, London



100% happy with recovery service

We would 100% recommend R3 recovery for anyone looking to recover data from a hard disk. We got all of our data back, it was very fast and very professional. The customer service and communication was perfect.

HHH_HPS, Aviemore



A top service

Recovered all my data. Explained the process and what had initially gone wrong in language I could understand. Gave me some extremely useful advice for data storage for the future.

Guy Smallman, London


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